Release of Super Magic 6 094e


New Release of Super Magic

 with corrections

This is release 094e made available on 10 January 2023. This has corrections since the first 094 release that affect some settings for servos 3 and 4. it is important to upgrade to this version.

This release has a number of changes as a result requested by users of some of the suggestions from 093

1.      The App will detect a BLE disconnect, issue a warning message  and reset itself so reconnecting works better.

2.      There is a reconnect button that is intended for use if you get interrupted by a BLE disconnect.  This will reconnect the BLE connection but it will not initialize a new session but rather continue the one that was running at the time of the disconnect. 

3.      There is a backup and restore capability for you saved flight programs.  This lets you make copies of your flight programs independent of any backup services offered by the particular Android devices.  This because we found some Android systems made it hard to safeguard this information again every possible calamity.

4.      More work on the  documentation to make clearer how to perform number of key functions.

5.      This release is signed with the same key as 093 so it should not require he save flight programs to be deleted as 093 did under some circumstances


This does not require any change to the Magic Dongle.

There program is here – make sure you get the latest


Super Magic 6.094e


There documentation is here – make sure you get the latest