Super Magic 094f and clarification

New Release of Super Magic

 with changes

Change on display of Timer Features  differently from Timer Settings

This release distinguishes  way that indication of the availability of a feature is displayed  compared with the actual setting of that feature

When you first connect to the timer the screen will display what featured available on the timer with the words YES, NO or SETABLE  rather than a toggle switch. the toggle switch implies that you could change this setting, which you can't because it is built into the timer. 

The Toggle switch implies that you can change that feature  rather than it is present. This was misleading.

At the point of connection what is being shown is the physical characteristics of the timer NOT how you have set things. Only after you select Read are your setting read by Super Magic

For example

Some timers support impulse hooks. The screen will show the word YES if that is impulse support is available but NOT how it is currently set. If it is not present it will display NO

Some timers known as Universal Timers will support both F1A and F1B and some only F1A or F1B. The screen has both  F1A and F1B labels. In this latter case the screen will show YES for F1A and NO for F1B or vice versa. For a Universal timer where that is settable it show SETABLE but NOT the current setting.


Clarification on Save and Load/Export


The Save command for saving the flight program saves it in flight program store that is part of the App.  This is on the Android device but a Android security feature introduced in Release 8 or 9  stops the Android user access information stored by individual Apps on the device using tools outside the App. This means that the information is stored somewhere on the device, in a JSON file but you can't get at it with a File manager or similar App. Export and Save put the flight program in a JSON file in the Download directory because this place is generally available all application on the Android


5.      This release is signed with the same key as 093 so it should not require he save flight programs to be deleted as 093 did under some circumstances


This does not require any change to the Magic Dongle.

There program is here – make sure you get the latest


Super Magic 6.094f


There documentation is here – make sure you get the latest