Super Magic 6 093 - even more info

Another Update on Super Magic 6 093



Firstly, it turns out the reason when installing Super Magic 6 093 in some cases it did not regard this as a “normal” upgrade was to do with how the application is signed.  This is an Android process to do with ensuring the integrity of the code.  We now understand better what to do and subsequent version will conform with what is on 093- the one we just delivered. Do during an upgrade to  new version the files will not be deleted, either by you or by  the Android installer.

So, what you should do before you install  093 or 094 is save your flight programs. 

If you are a geek and have a version of Android that lets you get at the internal shared storage under Android Data there will be a directory com.MagicTimers.SM6 and under this there will be Files and there a number of files with the type of .json , copy these to somewhere like the download directory. 

Alternatively, if you are not a geek you go into Super Magic , to the second menu choice to Work with Files then what you are going to is Load each save file – make sue the file name field is there, them Export it. Do this for each saved flight program.

Next after loading the new version of Super Magic if you had to delete the previous version you go to the same screen and select a file to Import a file. This will select the files in the Download directory, so you repeat the inverse of above process, select a file, import it, make sure the file name is right and them SAVE it.  When working with file names in Super Magic 6 you never have to put the .jason part as SM6 does that.  Repeat for all the files that you exported.


As part of the process on trying to understand better the new security features of Android and various back up systems it appears that circumstances could arise where you would not be able to get hold of “‘your” data held inside an App.  We all know that our Flight Program are important to us, and they can be the result of much time spent doing fine tuning on our models.  This data is important to us but not really as confidential as for example financial or health data might be.    So, we are adding to the App a way that you can store “backup” copies of you flight programs outside of the App.  This will copy them to the Download directory that has more open access and you can move them from there to a “safe” place. And it will give you options on restoring them all at once or selectively. We understand that our users have a widely different “geek” capabilities so it will be hard to satisfy everyone.  We have made a way to do this in version 094.  This version will be made available shortly. This means that Super magic is automating the manual process described in the previous paragraphs.