Super Magic 6 093 - This is a bit more information, maybe even TMI.

FYI – more on  Super Magic 6  093

This is a bit more information, maybe even TMI.

The current version of Android is 11 with 12 on the way.

Super Magic’s target Android is version 9 with a minimum of Version 4.5.

It has been tested on versions 10 and 11.

Now starting with Version 10, Android added some more security features to look after your stuff better.  We knew of this, and it was partly why we targeted Android 9.  These changes have made it more difficult to access the information about your saved flight program.  There is no problem in access the data from Super Magic but there might be  problem in carrying the information over from one version of Super Magic to the next. The problem is not that the data is different, but that Android 10 or 11 may not let you get at it. This issue did not show up in our testing but some users have come up with a few issues in loading the new version. These problems depend on many factors, include the version of Android and the hardware maker.

So, if you have a way of dumping the App files and restoring them that works let me know.

Now back to doing stuff.

First thing is when you are loading the new version make sure that the old version is not running.

Some hardware software combos may require , it does not tell you this, to delete the current version of Super Magic before loading the new one, sometimes it will delete data. Data may include the saved version of the flight programs. This happens with some Samsung’s with Android 10 or 11. It did not happen with some other makes and configurations.   We investigated various techniques of backing up these files, including Samsung’s Smart Switch and their Cloud backup, they did not save or restore App data.  With earlier versions of Android there were ways of making a backup or copy of the Application’s data and restoring it.  In the interests of protecting, you from bad people it does not see to be possible in some cases. There are a number of Android file managers that let you get at the files, such as File manager or X-plore, but Android 10 and 11 protects you against using these tools to access an App’s data.

There is no doubt that some of you may be much more knowledgeable about Android than me and  if you have any bright ideas by all means let me know.

However, one of the objectives of Super Magic 6 compared with Super Magic 4 is to let you have a way of exporting your flight programs so you could share with others and they could import them.  This is done via the  Downloads directory. Fortunately, Android has decided that this directory is obviously a public place, so they permit virtually universal access.  So, it is possible to manually load each program from the current saved from the save programs into the Downloads directory them re-import them. You would have to export them before loading the new version of Super magic 6. It is a bit of drag have to do this and it does not work in the current versions, including the Super magic 6 093.  It does seem like a very good idea to be able to export the current saved programs en-mass and load them the same.  This is an item we will be addressing them right away.


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