Super Magic 6  093



New Release of Super Magic


This release has a number of changes requested by users.

1.      The Set timer command includes additional check to help avoid setting a timer by accident before reading it.

2.      The Times screen where you enter the major part of the flight program in the timers and servo movement done each step had been significantly modified to take it from Palm/Super Magic approach to full screen fill out the matrix in a more modern style.

3.      A number of screen format adjustments have been made to better accommodate different size screens.  Some automatic and some with a user selected option.

4.      Improvement in accessing files on the Android.

5.      Significantly increased documentation to make clearer how to perform number of key functions.

This does not require any change to the Magic Dongle.

There program is here – make sure you get the latest

There documentation is here – make sure you get the latest