What is Super Magic 6

 Super Magic 6 is a program to configure Magic Timers, it replaces Super Magic 4 on the Palm Pilot.  It runs on an Android Device such as mobile phone or tablet.  The Android devices must be Android version 4.4 or later (7 or later is better) and support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).  Super Magic 6 connects to the timer with a BLE connection.  

Current Magic Timers do not have BLE connectivity. So, to program these timers you need a Magic Dongle.  This is a small, powered box that has a BLE radio and a Magic Timers serial connection.  To work with an existing Magic Timer you plug the Magic Dongle into the timer, turn of the power on both, scan for the Dongle or timer to connect t , then connect with Super Magic 6,  read and write the flight program on the timer, then disconnect from the Dongle.  The Dongle is a “Remove Before Flight” object.  One Dongle can be used to connect with many timers.


New Magic Timers are under development that will include BLE connectivity andin this case the magic Dongle will not be needed.  These are not available yet.