Tech Note 22 - Beep on Command Explained (2)

Explanation of the Beep on Command Feature



Magic Timers Tech Note - 22


Beep on Command




This technical note describes a new feature that is being introduced to most Magic Timer models. This will be included in new timers. This feature requires a firmware change in the timer and the use of Super Magic version 4.78 or later. It will not work in timers already shipped although some can be retrofitted for a small charge.


The Beep on Command feature makes the Magic Timer beeper beep after the model has been D/Ted when it receives an RDT signal. For this to work the timer must be attached to an RDT receiver.


What happens is about 5 seconds after the D/T is operated, either by regular D/T or radio D/T the beeper will beep 15 times. That is for about .1 of second each second for 15 seconds. After that each time the timer gets a RDT signal it will repeat the 15 second beep cycle.


In addition the timer will repeat the 15 beep cycle approximately once an hour after the model first D/Ted.


This is an optional feature that must be enabled. It is done by checking the BeepR check box on the GenP screen in SuperMagic.


Note that because the timer has to be turned on to recognize the RDT signal it does not go into sleep mode as normal after D/T. This means that the battery will used. However the battery consumption will be less that if the beeper was running the entire timer.


Once the model is found the timer should be turned off. The hourly beep is there to remind the sportsman of the need to do this.


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