Super Magic 6 for Android

This is the Super Magic Program that runs on Android and replaces earlier versions that ran  Palm Pilot and is used to program Magic Timers.

This requires an Android devices (phone or tablet) with Android version 4.4 or greater. The Android must support Bluetooth Low Energy = BLE

To communicate with existing Magic Timers, i.e. those with a serial connection currently program using Super magic 4 on a Palm Pilot  an additional item, the Magic Dongle is needed. The converts the BLE connection to the serial connection needed by the timer.


New version of Super Magic 6 here  ;    Super Magic 6 version 6.094f  Revised 22 May 2023

Old version Super Magic 6 can be downloaded from here :Super Magic version 6.091



What Super Magic 6 does


As with previous version of Super Magic you can read and write flight programs to and from the timer.  New programs can be created, and existing programs modified and renamed to suit new timers and requirements.  Unlike Super Magic 4 the flight programs can be exported and imported to enable the sharing of flight programs.


The structure of Super Magic 6 is like Super Magic 4 in that there are separate screens for performing the major functions such as Servo setting, Timer Step setting, Start and Hook setting, etc.  There are additional screens for configuring the BLE connection and for some new functions that we have used for some time on our own airplane but not yet provided to our timer users.


Some of the screens hold more information that can be easily displayed on the screen of some phones, but these screens can be scrolled vertically and horizontally to see any missing information.